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Our Products

Bottarga, Mullet Fillet, and Much More

Our products go beyond fresh fish; we have chosen to transform our traditional recipes and offer to our customers what we have been doing in our homes for our family and friends for over 60 years, following our tradition and our history.



All of our products are available at the outlet of the Arborea Producers Cooperative, located at 14 Arborea Road.

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Bottarga is an ancient product made from dried and aged fish eggs.

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Smoked mullet fillet

The smoked mullet fillet is obtained from mullet specimens from the S'ena Arrubia Lagoon.

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Blue King Crab sauce

The Blue King Crab sauce is a highly exquisite seafood product obtained from the processing of local Blue Crab.

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Blue Crab Cream

Our fishermen, thanks to the collaboration with the Blue Marlin Company, have transformed this highly exquisite product into a cream with a unique flavor.

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Smoked Mullet Cream

From the smoked mullet fillet, the Mullet Cream from the S'ena Arrubia Lagoon has been obtained.
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Mullet Meatballs

Produced according to our tradition, they contain natural ingredients and their simplicity is the secret to their taste.

Our Food Truck

Our Fishery Tourism Food Truck, renamed “The Fisherman’s Refuge” was created with the idea of offering our transformed products to the public. Eating our products is a guarantee of quality and locally-sourced products.


Our Food Truck was made possible with the contribution of the PO FEAMP 2014/2020 – Priority 4 – Action 4.1 of the SSLL of the FLAG Pescando.

The Delicacies We Prepare for You

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Mullet Burger

With a formula similar to that of meatballs, our Mullet Burgers are delicious with Salicornia sauce.

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King Blue Crab Meat

The heart of the delicious Blue Crab meat from S'Ena Arrubia, like a cream, our customers say.

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King Crab Pâté

Thanks to the meat obtained from the Blue Crab of S'Ena Arrubia, we have created the Pâté.

Our Seafood Specialties,
On your table

The cooking of our grandparents, passed down from member to member until today, is now available to our customers.