S'ena Arrubia Smoked Mullet Fillet

The S’ena Arrubia Smoked Mullet Fillet is a delicacy that encapsulates the authenticity and tradition of Sardinian fishing. Sourced from the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, FAO Zone 37.1.3, the mullets are skillfully processed in our Sardinian facilities.

A Distinctive Flavor
This fillet stands out for its distinctive and delicate taste, achieved through a meticulous and rigorous salting and smoking process. The sweetness of the salt pairs perfectly with the penetrating aroma of natural smoke, creating a balance of flavors that reflects the authenticity of the Sardinian sea.

Quality and Integrity
To preserve the product’s quality to the fullest, each fillet is vacuum-sealed, allowing for greater longevity and retention of its organoleptic properties. Sizes range from a minimum of 100g to a maximum of 300g.

Versatility in the Kitchen
Its versatility makes it an exceptional ingredient for a variety of dishes. Perfect for preparing hot crostini, main courses, or salads, the Smoked Mullet Fillet will enrich your table with a touch of elegance and flavor.

The product, with a shelf life of 90 days, must be refrigerated once opened and consumed within 10 days, thus ensuring freshness and food safety.

Incorporating traditional methods and modern techniques, the S’ena Arrubia Smoked Mullet Fillet is not only a high-quality product but also a tribute to the culture and flavors of Sardinia.